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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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people pilgrimage. >> have given the impression of a bit of a lefty, that would be an error an an transit to the u.s., and critics to question the pontiff's social doctrine reality check. >> the fallout from the meltdown of syria threatens to be with us for decades.
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>> year after strikes, a blunt assessment from the general . >> he's one of the strongest leaders. >> chinese president xi jinping arrives in the u.s., meeting with leaders in the west who are wary about chinese commercial hacking. >> canvas masters. >> such an exhibition is fascinating, you can experience things by looking, and you can learn a lot. >> vincent van go, a 19th century painting, never crossing paths in life, but how an exhibition explores their shared visions. >> good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera
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america. we begin with the arrive of pope francis in the capital. the pope touches down at st andrew's this afternoon to be greeted by president obama and the first family. joe biden, and u.s. bishops. on thursday he'll address a joint session of congress. he'll meet with the president at the white house tomorrow, before a prayer. he'll end the day by holding the first canonization mass on u.s. soil in front of 25,000. mike viqueira joins us at the white house. >> what was the atmosphere like after the pope arrived? >> it was low key, notwithstanding the fact that the president and the first family and the children and the president's mother-in-law was there, and jill biden.
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what americans are about to see up close in the next two days is an individual who condemned blameness, materialism within western society. >> reporter: bidding farewell to cubans along packed streets. hours later he arrived outside washington. prepared to greet him on the tarmac, president obama and the first family. joe biden and his wife jill. the 78-year-old skipped a ride in a limo. from there pope francis arrived at the embassy in washington. it's expected to be a quiet evening for the pope, a trip to
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the white house on wednesday morning. >> i'm looking forward to the opportunity to welcome him to the white house tomorrow morning. and most looking forward to the opportunity to visit within the oval office. >> there'll be pomp, ceremony and potential for controversy. >> president obama and the pope met at the vatican. francis is seen as an outspokening advocate, closing the gap between rich and poor. as church's finances sing, many called it the francis effect. a pope with the common touch would give the church new appeal to help it cover from years of outrage over the paedophilia coverage and cover up. not everyone welcomed his message.
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ind clueing those -- including those that met illegally. pope francis has not let up, and no one spects that to change now. >> i'll visit washington, new york and philadelphia. millions are expected to try to get a glimpse of the pope or to hear him speak. major sections of the cities will shut down. at each stop the pope is likely to keep the focus on the least among us, and hold the feet of the power of the to the fire. >> he will arrive at the white house for the pump andster moan
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by and a private meeting in washington. >> al jazeera will have coverage of pope francis in america all week. just as china's president begins a state visit to america, china arrested a u.s. citizens. she has been in detention for six months. officials took her into custody, but they didn't formally arrest her for stealing state secrets until sunday. the white house said it's disconcerting that many inquiries have gone unanswered. president obama is expected to raise the issue when he meets with xi jinping on friday. at this hour she is delivering a policy speech to top business leaders. these are live pictures of his speech now. >> he and his wife arrived in settle. the white house is urging
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business leaders to meat, to speak out on the business with china. she meets with president obama. in an interview with "the wall street journal", she said that china is not joeble for cyber attacks in america. quite a few protests behind you. >> these folks are not hearing what president xi jinping is saying in the hotel. they've been here in varying numbers. the basic messages, free tibet. hands off taiwan. these are vocal protests. in a calm day, no problems with the crowd, which is topping 300 or so. president xi jinping's visit by be focused on high tech trade and comers, giving people a chance to know him and show for
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the folks at home that he has a concern for the business economy. >> reporter: chinese president xi jinping is headed for washington d.c. and high level talks with president obama, a first state visit with the u.s. he'll meet with members of congress and address the united nations. first he'll spend three days in the seattle area. senator served as ambassador. >> between the two counties is $1.5 billion in goods and services. millions of dollars depends on the trade with china. >> xi jinping is scheduled to give a policy speech, tour a boeing chance and have dinner with microsoft's bill gates. american tech firms are looking for assurances that they can do business in china, without undue
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government interference. >> a concern about cyber security, lack of a level playing field in china. discrimination against foreign firms, and the lack of a rule of law. and inadequate protections of our intellectual property or trade secrets. >> xi jinping is the fourth leader to visit the north-west. long time tech writer and current seattle times columnist sees the area as a stop over. >> they want to encourage entrepreneurs to build companies that drive in china and internationally. what better examples than to come top seattle, looking at microsoft and boeing. >> it will be a host landing in the west before substantive talks. >> we are we wering a number of measures that will indicate to
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society that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset, but is something that will put significant strains on the bilateral relationships. >> it's a good cop, bad cop situation. good cop here, talking about entrepreneurialism. talking about trade relationships, and hopefully president obama will play the bad cop. >> the visit at a time china is flexing its military muscle and solidify territorial claims in the south china sea. those issues, cyber security and trade expected to be on the agenda when the two presidents meet. president xi jinping will visit a high school in tacoma south of seattle. a school he visited 20 years ago when he was here when he was provincial administrator. he will re-establish ties there
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and prove to the folks home and here that he has the common touch the visit coming amidconcerns of a volatile stock market and economy. adrian brown is in beijing with what china hopes to accomplish. >> reporter: china's media portrays xi jinping as a leader, a guardian of an economy that is strong even as it slows. >> he's arguably a strong leader. he is going there at a time when there's good optics. he's a leader in charge of the economy. >> ahead of the visit. some of his leaders made a rare public appearance. they have a message - the economies are dependent on each other, especially now. >> the two countries have some
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differences. that is not unusual. our shared interests are far wider than our differences. >> those differences are apparent in the south china sea. recent satellite photos appear to show china building a third run way in the disputed waters, despite a promise to end rec lambation work. last month china showed off military hardware. it's technology you don't see. >> president xi jinping would not bat an inch. he is expanding the cyber warfare capacity. >> china's state controlled media says that will be app symbolically important visit since a former leader went there 36 years ago. it calls for excitement, because
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this country was emerges from decades of isolation. the atmosphere for the visit is likely to be different. >> we have the panda huggers and dragon shares. and most are on debate stages. the mood of the country is very much of an anti-china feel to it. >> the view of the united states among the chinese people is different. this is a generation for whom u.s. brands and culture had a big impact. >> i remember when i was young we were taught i have a dream. going to america would be my dream. >> translation: i watch american videos and movies, they have a hewning influence on my life. >> reporter: the two leaders meat a year ago. this will be an opportunity for xi jinping to enhance his
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international image, and a reminder that he'll be president for a lot longer than his host joining us now is gordon chang, the author of "the coming collapse of china", good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> as we heard in that piece, despite the fact that china has gone through the stock market woe, the general perception is that xi jinping is the strongest leader, and china is strong. you wrote a piece in "the daily beast" saying the economy is wrong. >> the economy is reeling. there's a plunging stock market. the economy is growing at 1-2%, not the 7% reported. money is bleeding out of the country. the chinese bloomberg reports that money is coming out at $135 billion a month. this is the chinese people
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saying they don't have confidence in their economy. >> obviously that will hurt the economy as well, making it worse, if you get into a vicious circle. if the chinese economy is that much weaker, how much is there hurting inside china? >> this is important. he has accumulated a lot of authority. he can't say "this is not my fault", he is trying to push blame on the economic tsar. there's a lot of discussion about officials getting fired perhaps the next port in congress. there's a lot of turmoil at the top because of the problems in the economy, which people there did not anticipate. >> but this trip will be seen as a good thing inside china, because they'll see him as an equal with president obama. >> absolutely. i don't think the president wants to go to washington. he'd like to avoid it if he could. seattle is important. in washington there would be an important thing, that is the
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televised images of the welcoming ceremony, the 21 gun salute and the state dinner, that will bolster legitimacy at home, that is what xi jinping wants. >> you think on the other hand united states and president obama should understand the reality and take a tough position towards china. >> yes. right now we have all the high cards. united states, i think, could use that. if have to go back to the 1970s, the nixon, ford, carter areas. regan came in and recognised the vulnerabilities. we think about china today like americans thought about the soviet union in the 1970s. >> but it is a delicate balance, because china has a lot of people and is an important part of the world economy. >> it is, but the chinese need us more than we need them.
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yes, the economies are intertwined. but to our advantage, and we can use that in terms of all the issues we have with china. not just us. it's china's neighbours as well. >> why is the trip to seattle important. he'll meet a lot of people that can't be happy with him. who believe the chinese have been hacking into their companies, a lot of top tech leaders, and the reality is if he faces that push back, he's denying it. forcefully in a washington journal piece. >> two childrens are important. one is that he wants to recreate the china business lobby in congress. that is atroeified over the years because of pret pri behaviour the closing the market and opportunity. >> and the second thing, he needs their money and
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technology, especially now, with the money bleeding out of china, he needs influx. these are the guys that can give it to them. >> two important visits. we'll see what comes of both the scandal that could cost volkswagen billions, a widening investigation into cheating on emissions indonesia takes action in response to the dense haze over the country's skies.
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because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the investigation into volkswagen widened dramatically.
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it's admitted to rigging software in 11 million cars. france is the latest country to demand information. it led to a $26 billion loss in volkswagen share prices, and they could face $20 billion in fines in the u.s. alone. rob reynolds reports. >> reporter: volkswagen pollution cheating scandal spread as the leading car-maker planned an emergency meeting of top executives. volkswagen is facing billions in fines and a recall you have its vehicles after the u.s. government found software falsified results in emissions tests. the company issued a statement saying $11 million vehicles are affected. and set aside money for recalls and servicing. and said that volkswagen does not tolerate violation of laws
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and will make it a top priority. >> we have totally screwed up. we must fix the cars. thank you. we must fix the cars because we prevent this from ever again and we have to make things right with the government, the public, our customers, our employees and dealers. >> german officials announced they will investigate. france's finance minister called for a europe-wide probe to include other automakers. >> translation: while it is done for volkswagen, to assure people we will do it to other french manufacturers, there's no reason to believe they have done the same as volkswagen. >> reporter: senior government officials worry about the
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reputation of the german car industry will suffer. so seriously is the scandal taken here as a poor reflection on germany's worldwide brand that the foreign minister felt the need to address it during a visit abroad. >> translation: i hope that there'll be interrogation soon as to what extent data has been influenced by technical equipment and who is responsibility. this is and has to be in the interests of volkswagen first of all. and a second step, one has to talk about how to deal with the further handling of this between the companies and the authorities in the united states. >> reporter: on wednesday, a committee of the board members and shareholders will hold a meeting at company headquarters. a board member expect senior company exec's heads will roll. >> david is a correspondent for "automotive news", and joins us
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from los angeles. we see recalls and questions about companies that hid issue with faulty vehicle equipment. this is on another level. a clear effort to defraud governments. >> yes, this is not a case of bungling by an automaker, it was not a misstep and the automaker looking to cover it up. this is a case where volkswagen new the rules, all knew the rules, and saw an opportunity to go in and blatantly know the rules hopefully where no expectation of being caught. is this solvable. reports say some of the cars would have emissions that are a dozens of times worse than what are allowed. >> it is solvable. it's not going to make
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consumers, owners taking cars there to be fixed. it will not make them happy. you reprogramme the engine's computer, and most expect if that's the avenue they take, they'll lose it. the drivers will notice - there'll be noticeable decrease in power, engine response. another fix is adding - many of the cars not have a tank of additive in the systems. volkswagen said that it is expected if they add this, this is costly to the car, it's the adding of an extra tank. it's not chapt. it will be in -- cheap response. it will be in the trunk space. >> in addition to those costs, can the company survive a blow like this. in addition to those costs, who
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knows what level of fines it will face. >> volkswagen opened the door by admitting fault off the bat. i would be surprised if they did not survive this. this will cost many billions. you are dealing with fines, civil penalties, class-action lawsuits. >> it's become the world's biggest automaker. if it doesn't survive, this could effect the whole industry. >> yes, and it could affect the industry because e.p.a. and other regulatory bottedies are taking a much greater look. some believe this is himm limito volkswagen. there's no discrepancy between what they have done in the real
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world. they saw discrepancies in models in opal, and models in mercedes benz and b.m.w. . >> i wonder if at volkswagen a lot of heads will role. is it bad enough that people will have to go to prison? >> i'll be surprised if that happens, i think you'll see senior executives, you know, lose their job. i would be surprised if we saw gaol time for this. i think - you look at other automakers and recalls that they have gone through, some of which involved deaths and accidents with no gaol time in those cases. this is a unique and different case. i wouldn't expect gaol time. >> david, good to have you with us. thank you. >> a crucial player in the u.s. war against i.s.i.l. is stepping down. on the anniversary of the u.s.-led coalition, a look at
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the effectiveness of the campaign. and an agreement on the refugee crisis, bringing to life the east-west
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. >> welcome back to al jazeera ameri america. i'm antonio mora. coming up in the half hour of international news, students clash with police in the mexican
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state where 43 school mates disappeared. first, a change in the fight against i.s.i.l. the retired 4-staff general is stepping down. general john alan is hand picked to lead the fight. he agreed to the post for six month bs, but has been there a year. he is stepping down for personal reasons. in our in context segment we'll focus on the effectiveness of the strikes. general petraeus criticized policy on the hill today. he pressed the administration to take a tougher stance against syrian president bashar al-assad, and told the senate panel he was not opposed to having american troops in bed with iraqi military forces. >> reporter: it has been more than a year since the united
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states commenced military action. while there have been significant accomplishments, the progress achieved thus far has been inadequate. some elements of strategy are in space. several are underresourced, others are missing. >> he told the panel the u.s. needs to provide more sport to iraqi security forces. the retired general apologised to congress. it was a first public testimony since resigned. >> on this anniversary of the strikes in syria, we'll look at the staggering numbers involved in the u.s. efforts. the u.s. coalition spent $3.7 billion fighting i.s.i.l. in syria and iraq, and released 7,000 bombs during air strikes 20,000 i.s.i.l. tarts have been destroyed -- targets have
9:33 pm
been destroyed but the u.s. handled that air power alone is not enough. we have the latest from incirlik turkey, on the new direction in the fight against i.s.i.l. >> reporter: in the 12 months since air strikes over syria began, 17 square kilometres of territory has been taken back from the islamic state of iraq and levant. central command gives the credit for what it calls anti-i.s.i.l. fighters including syrian kurds and arabs. they wouldn't have been successful without airpower to back them up. for the last month they intensified campaign after squeezing permission from turkey to use the base at inter lick. the border is 120km from the incirlik base. more sortees and more air strikes than when the u.s. and coalition allies were forced to fly four hours away.
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to make the air strikes as effective as possible, the u.s. needs more and better intelligence from individuals on the ground who can identify targets to be hit. so the president obama administration is looking at an option to send fighters into syria to help direct the air strikes. they may be attached to groups on the ground, like the kurds. many groups are fighting the regime. the u.s. doesn't want to get involved. the air space over syria can get crowded. russia sent military equipment, including combat commanders. vladimir putin inspects some of the hardware in a major exercise at the border. moscow is concerned about i.s.i.l. the kremlin, and iranians back
9:35 pm
bashar al-assad. if he is forced from power, they may want more influence over who takes over. the u.n. investigator says only a political solution will bring peace. >> i have an example, the mill oso vich case. he was president. and it was a peace negotiation. as soon as they reached an agreement, miloso vic was prot. in the end justice could be done. >> reporter: 240,000 have been killed in the war. indiscriminate bombing is fuelling support for i.s.i.l. if you can find a route leading to i.s.i.l.'s removal. the white house believes it would then be weakened. >> the pentagon said coalition
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air strikes killed two key targets. officials say a senior i.s.i.l. leader died nearly two weeks ago. mead been a member of al qaeda. and a national, an al qaeda bombmaker was also killed in a strike near ghms nigeria joining us a senior fellow from the new america foundation. let's start with the bad news. general petraeus says the president obama administration failed to take necessary steps, and campaigns of syria and iraq cost 4 billion, an estimated $10 million a day. a lot of money for poultry results. >> $4 billion is cheap. we are up to $20 million in
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afghanistan. that is not the issue. the issue is the effectiveness. is this working. you don't mind paying money. there has been disappointing results in iraq. we wish we had seen more from the iraqi security forces. we wish we had more progress in the fight against ramadi. in syria, it's a mess. we are not sure who we support. we don't want in syria - there's a bunch of people we don't want. >> there's nobody we want is the issue. >> here is an interesting way to put it. iraqi security forces that we are training in iraq. we know who they work for. the iraqi kurds - they are going to look for the government with
9:38 pm
the president. syrians we train, who do they work for? i don't know. >> even assuming there were more, who do they work for, what is the political authority they are bringing about? i don't have an answer, that's the crux of the problem. and sticking to the bad news. there's little doubt that russia is escalating its footprint. can there be a peaceful co-existence with the russians in syria? >> well, it appears the russians come to hair own conclusion, at the least of all the bad options, is the bashar al-assad government remaining in place. at least as an interim step. they appear to continually reinforce. we have satellite photos of a cond base that's being opened up.
9:39 pm
they are continuing to flow forces in and looks like they are not just planning to reinforce the government and make sure their training bases don't fall, but they may have intent of taking the fight to some of the forces fighting bashar al-assad. hopefully it's just i.s.i.l., it could be others. >> we have general alan stepping down. is there confusion among the u.s. leadership about what to do with the syrian regime. last week it seemed we were seeing softening, that it may make sense to tolerate bashar al-assad until i.s.i.l. was tweeted. samant samantha power, she took a tough stance. well, general petraeus, whom i once worked for, is no longer in government. he is speaking for himself. inside the administration,
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there's a lot of confusion. we had what you can surprise as surreal expectations for the white house, we knew the training programme wasn't going to go well. you were forced into it. you were the president. forced by whom. there appears to be a lot of confusion. it comes back to a question. who do we want to be in charge in syria. we still don't have an answer to that question. the russians seem to have come to an answer. we don't have a horse to back in syria at the present time. >> the good new assist a couple of top - significant leaders have been killed. the question is whether that will have much of an effect. >> good to have you with us. >> thanks. >> the u.s. has turned over one of guantanamo bay prisoners to saudi arabia. he was held at gitmo for more than 13 years. u.s. intelligence analysts accused him of serving as a body
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guard for osama bin laden. he denied the charge. he went on a hunger strike in 2005. he has been force-fed since then. there are 114 detainees held at guantanamo bay president obama discussed the refugees crisis in europe in a conversation with german chancellor angela merkel. the two leaders must opt for a solution in which all e.u. members accept their fair share of refugees. obama and angela merkel talked about ways to alleviate the cause of the problem. e.u. ministers approved a plan to relocating 120,000 refugees, designed to take pressure off the countries that have been flooded with refugees. four nations part of the former soviet block. czech republic, romania and slovakia voted against the plan. it comes as hungry is sending
9:42 pm
troops to its border with croatia to keep refugees from crossing back. >> reporter: just off the coast, local volunteers go to the rescue of a stricken dingy full of refugees. they spot a greater emergency - a man is drowning. they rescue him. >> the scene is symbolic of a huge challenge, as they struggle to cope with the refugee crisis. meanwhile in brussels, interior ministers were meeting to agree on a plan to share mout 120,000 refugees. it was clear they would not be able to reach a con sensis on this divisive issue. they know that some member states were not in favour. they said they'll have a vote. we know the position.
9:43 pm
we'll respect the outcome of the vote. that is what we do. and so the member states, all of them, respect the outcome of the vote. >> hungary is one of the country's hostile to a quota system, and and surrounding itself with fences to keep refugees out. >> translation: i would like to confirm i will refuse during the meeting of the prime ministers any attempt to bring into life a permanent mechanism to dividing up refugees. we are convinced that the individual e.u. member countries hold their own sovereignty. it's the individual governments who control the stream of migration into their territory. the opposition is less to do with the numbers involved. the european commission says it will enforce the quotas but not
9:44 pm
how it intends to do that. the prime minister will prove the screening of asylum seekers. and to speed up the deportation. >> tomorrow, a meeting on the refugee crisis from the leaders of germany, france, italy and greece. show down in burkina faso. where under mounting pressure the leader of the coup may be ready to return to power. yemen's president may be ready to return to power after six months of exile.
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>> the homeless... it's not always who you think. >> the majority are families with children. >> a growing epidemic that impacts us all. >> i think it's the most helpless feeling i've ever experienced. >> but who's getting rich while some are just trying to survive? >> they want to make the city for people that can afford
9:47 pm
things. >> "faultlines". al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today they will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> award winning investigative documentary series. students in mexico set a truck on fire and threw molotov cocktails, refusing to let them travel to a protest. they responded with tear gas. many came to the school, attended by 43 students that went missing a year ago this week. government investigators said they were kidnapped. a team of international experts said the official account does not add up. >> most leaders are holding to burkina faso to negotiate an end to the military coup. the leader refused to lay down arms and give up power.
9:48 pm
they'll hand over power to a civilian on a disat recommended by -- date recommended by west african leaders. charlie deangelo has more. >> singing the national anthem of burkina faso, residents loyal to the government poured into the square to protest against the coup. they were joined by troops and entered the city overnight. the ultimatum for the soldiers is surrender or face attack. the deadline passed and negotiations are ongoing. >> the earlier release of the prime minister was welcomed by the people, who want order restored. we are counting on the army and the international community to find a way to resolve the problem. as the army said, if a peaceful solution is not found. it will end badly for some units. we want. with the help of the international community to support all the people.
9:49 pm
we came to the national square to support our brothers in arms, and condemn the behaviour of the presidential guard that trooully affected us. we cannot understand how we fought on october 30th and 31st. for them to come now and take it out of our hands. we say no. >> the general, an elite presidential guard, seized power last week. he apologised and said he's ready to hand over power to civilian transitional government. returning to country to democratic rule will occur in aye buj a. burkina faso's delegate peace protests derailed, plans to restore democracy looks some way off the age-old president of yemen returned to his homeland for the first time since being forced out by houthi rebels. he arrived today in aiden, a city pro-government troops
9:50 pm
recaptured from rebels. he arrived and was greeted by cabinet ministers that returned. as reported from aiden. >> million of yemenis suffered because of fighting between houthis and forces. and forces loyal to the exiled president. it is part of the significance which has been provided by neighbouring countries. the international community is concerned. they need to see a political settle. soon. the president abd-rabbu mansour hadi and his government insists that they will all join political talks with the houthis, if they surrender, hand over the weapons and start.
9:51 pm
demonstrates which have been rejected so far by the houthis. the situation remains delicate. and yemen more politically divided than ever the filipino army is carrying out an intens gfferent search for armed men -- intense search for armed men. several people were led away at gun point. two hostages, a canadian, one norwegian and one filipino. it is not known who is responsible. 30 foreign tourists were at the resort and the four hostages were not taken at random indonesia is taking action against the haze. jakarta suspended the operations of four companies, accusing them of starting intense forest fires. all facing criminal charges. the company is investigating 200
9:52 pm
corporations. many of the fires are burns, sending a thick haze across south-east asia, earlier this week several officials were arrested. >> five years before the games begin, a battle over the logo of the 2020 summer games goes to courts. we have this. >> i'm jessica baldwin in amsterdam where an exhibit is opening.
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>> every saturday night.
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.> every saturday night. >> jewish people around the world spent the day preparing for the day of atonement, one the holiest days on the jewish calendar. in one ritual the faithful empty their pockets at sea. casting away a year of sins. it begins at sundown tonight and concludes tomorrow, marking the end of jewish high holy days. more than 2 million muslims begin a handling mecca to islam. every able bodied muslim that can afford it must perform it once in a lifetime. it is the site of prophet muhammad's final sermon 1400 years ago. the global news segment looks at how news outlets across the world are reacting to events.
9:56 pm
the chinese paper talks about xi jinping's visit to the united states. the arab times affairs a sharp criticism of the league under the headline arab league in action on migrants shameful. writing that they have born the brunt of refugee influx. there's 120 members of league should at the relief offer shelter. south africa's leaders offers a warning that cameroon faces a threat from boko haram. the west african nation has been part of the fight against boko haram for a year. they managed to recruit 35 hunt. the paper suggests cameroon risks becoming destabilized if it does not adopt a strategy countering the routes of
9:57 pm
destayingisation. >> an exhibition show cases the works of two giants of 19th century painting. the emotional content is a focus of the show. >> reporter: the scream, one of the best known paintings in the world, a picture of the mental anguish is the best known work. not just fascinated by inner workings, as was the contemporary, dutch painter vincent van gogh. a handful of traditional paintings show. visitors see what influenced the painters, and appreciated the huge advances. it's hard to understand more than 100 yearsator the shift in style and conflict, paving the way in podderb art. they wanted potato eaters to
9:58 pm
show. caricatures. morning, the picture of a woman on her bed was considered scanneda lose. barefoot, open third. the show has taken six years to put together. more than 100 pictures, one more beautiful and powerful than another, came from collections and museums around the world. >> such an exhibition is stimulating. by looking and making comparisons. you can learn a lot. the two men lived in paris at the same time. there's no evidence that they knew each other. many of their works have similarities, van goh starry nights is next to a starry night bill munch. both mens led pore men's lives, suffering from mental illness, which is clear in many paintings, they were interested in the bare human condition.
9:59 pm
anxiety, loneliness, depression. it's this brutal self-expression of emotional suffering that makes these works so compelling today, and ensures both artists a place history. a belgium graphic designer is pressing ahead with a court case against the international olympic committee. olivia says the logo for the 2020 games is too similar to his design to be a coincidence. the theatre he produced the design for withdrew hours before the hearing, but he is not backing down. the tokyo games replaced the logo after negative publicity from the lawsuit. they say the design was original. >> big birthday for the world's oldest male panda. pan pan turned 30. that's the rough equivalent of turning 100, he was born in the wild and raised at a protection
10:00 pm
center in south western china, and fathered 130 cubs, a quarter of the panda population bread in captivity. >> that's it for this edition of al jazeera news. thank you for watch. "america tonight" is next. see you again in an hour. on "america tonight", the first stop. pope francis begins his visit to the united states here in the nation's capital. he's delivered surprises to the capital. what is the most surprising thing that the pope said or done. sheila macvicar begins the social coveragee pope's visit. also, a look ahead at california's saint to be, and why many aca


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